The host

Casa do Olival was created with love and dedication driven by a great affection for Figueiró dos Vinhos.
It is a house that I inherited from my parents and that, through the years, became damaged and in poor conditions. In 2015 we decided to renovate the house and started working on it! I say “we” because this project is a result of ideas and suggestions from family and friends. They helped me to fulfill this dream and to create a new home that provides comfort to those who visit us and explore this region.
My close family is living in different parts of the world and Casa do Olival is the nest that we recently created to shorten the distance that separates us.
I hope that you can create memories as good as the ones we have from this place and that you enjoy the time you spend here, as we enjoyed creating this space for you!
Welcome to Casa do Olival!

/Maria João