Village and surroundings

Figueiró do Vinhos is an ancient village that worths the visit to its cultural and historical heritage. The municipal tourism office organizes free guided tours to the different points of interest such as Casulo Malhoa and the Art Museum. Other places we recommend you to visit during your leisure time in Figueiró dos Vinhos are the Library, the Culture house and the historical park. There is also a cinema, a skate park, a public swimming pool and a riding centre, all of which are located max 10 minutes walking from Casa do Olival.
The “Rede das Aldeias do Xisto” (Schist Villages Network) defines a set of villages formed by houses of traditional architecture, built predominantly with Schist. One of the most beautiful is “Casal de S. Simão” and is located 8 Kms from Figueiró dos Vinhos. There are others in the contiguous counties of Lousã, Pedrógão Grande, Penela and Sertã and also, a little further, in Gois, Miranda do Corvo, Oleiros, Pampilhosa da Serra, etc.
Coimbra and Tomar, UNESCO world heritage cities, are located near Figueiró dos Vinhos.
If you like hiking and contact with nature, you will find in the region a network of well-marked pedestrian paths, either short or long, providing great landscapes. There are also bike paths for bird watching and BTT lovers.
The river pools, pleasant spaces of pure and clean waters in constant renewal, are one of the great attractions of the region. The beautiful river pools of Aldeia de Ana de Avis , Fragas de S. Simão and Mosteiros are located 3 Kms, 7 kms and 15 Kms from Figueiró dos Vinhos, respectively.
If you like to swim, you can also do it in the reservoirs of Castelo do Bode or Cabril, located 8 km and 18 km from Vila, respectively, or in Praia das Rocas, 15 kms away in Castanheira de Pêra. The reservoirs are also a suitable place to practice water sports or fishing.
Popular celebrations are present in the municipality practically throughout the year. The Carnival (February/March), the festivities of São João (June 24th, municipal holiday) and the São Pantaleão fair (26th, 27th and 28th July) are the most important and animated.
Gastronomy also deserves a word of distinction in the region. The “Pão-de-Ló” is the most famous cake in Figueiró dos Vinhos but there are other traditional sweets like “Castanhas Doces” or “Queijinhos do Céu”. In the local restaurants you will find traditional cuisine delicacies, made from lamb, kid, trout or achigan.